Frozen Veg



We produce best quality fresh pomegranate in an organic way with the innovative technology & organic inputs. We follow best practices in organic farming also processed fruits are without preservatives and are filled with natural sweetness.


Sweet Papaya, offered by us, is in huge demand for taste and freshness. Grown under safe conditions, our Fresh Papaya is free from any kind of pesticides, chemicals, etc. Papaya Fruits are available at very affordable prices within the stipulated timeframe.


Our fresh and juicy mango will win your heart with its delicious taste that you find rare in other brands. Our mangoes are of very low cost that just suits to your pocket. We are a major Indian exporters and suppliers of Organic and fresh mangoes. We export all kinds of Mangoes to different countries.


Juiciness of the Fresh Strawberry is having no comparisons. We are among the trusted Suppliers and Exporters of the Fresh Strawberry, located in Pune (Maharashtra). In addition, this Fresh Strawberry is procured from the dependable Vendors and Traders in the domain.


Extensively used as a salad as well as a pizza topping, the Iceberg Lettuce, which we offer, is appreciated for its high nutritional value. We are one of the most reliable Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of the Maharashtra.

Coriander Leaves

Our esteemed customers can avail fragrances for a good quality Coriander obtained from fully dried fruit seeds of ciruandrum sativum. These products feature characteristic sweet, aromatic, peppery woody and spicy fragrance and mild, spicy, warm and slightly burning taste.


The Cauliflower exporter in India exports various varieties of cauliflower including Pusa Deepali, Early Kunwari, Pant Shubra so on and so forth. Premium quality varieties are exported maintaining all the food and safety rules and regulations.

Fenugreek Leaves

Fresh Green Color, Round in Shape and Clean. Short Stem,Bunch Preferred.Free from Flowering, Pods and Rot.Length: Max 6 Inches (Bunch Length will be measured upto where 90% of Bunch Leaves End)Season: December to MarchOrigin: Maharashtra, Gujarat,Delhi/Haryana/Uttar Pradesh, India.


Tomatoes are used widely in making innumerable dishes due to its tasty and delicious taste and flavor. It is one of the best vegetables with antioxidants and also is linked to many health benefits including low risk of cancer and heart diseases. It is also used in maintaining weight. It has a very low amount of starch and is also low in glycaemic index.


Fresh Lemon is a yellow, oval citrus fruit with thick skin and fragrant, acidic juice. The clients can avail from us the finest fresh lemon in desired quantity. We are known as a famous fresh lemon exporter and supplier, located in India.


We are engaged in offering highly nutritious variety of Fresh Cucumbers. It is rich in taste and nutrition and procured from farmers who use only organic fertilizers during the cultivation process. The customers can buy highly fresh cucumbers from us, at industry leading prices.

Green Chilli

Green Chilli has bright green colour, healthy unblemished skin and is full of flavour. It is widely used in its raw form to spice up a meal and add flavor. Long Green Chillies is a major ingredient in almost all foods and almost cannot be done without. Hot Green Chilli is high in demand due to its great hot flavour. Full of the goodness of capsaicin, our Long Green Chilli retains its freshness until the point of consumption.


Many countries do onion import from India. Onion exporter in India export varieties like Agrifound Dark Red, Agrifound Light red, NHRDF Red and so on. Onions are grown in various states across the country including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, and Telangana. Indian onions are especially popular across the globe because of their pungency.


We are the preeminent exporter and wholesale supplier of garden fresh Ginger, which is rich in nutritional contents and cure various ailments at their prime stage. Due to its optimum quality and freshness, our Ginger has become popular and consistently demanded by clients. We are a major Indian suppliers and exporters of fresh ginger to various countries.


We trade in Radish of different types and make it available to various parts of the globe. We are often called the best Exporter of Radish from Kerala, India. We offer Red Radish and White Radish. And we deliver the product well packaged to the desired destination, anywhere across the globe, in a time-efficient manner.


Potato exporter in India export several varieties of potatoes including Kufri Pukhraj, Kufri Jyoti, Kufri Bahar, Bhura Aloo and so on. Even though India is a major exporter of potatoes it is also one of the largest consumers of potato in the world.

Green Peas

We offer a comprehensive range of Fresh and Frozen Green Peas, which are mainly cultivated during winters to early-summers. Our Green Peas are processed in hygienic conditions, stored properly and steam blanched for the restoration of sugars and colours.

Mixed Veg

We offer high quality Frozen Mix Vegetableto our esteemed customers. This product is highly demanded by different clients who are associated with food processing industries to prepare various food items. We ensure that no artificial colors and preservatives are added so that there is no harm to the nutritional value of the food.

Sliced Capsicum

We are exporters of Diced Capsicum, offered in various packaging options. • Rich in aroma • Purity • High medicinal value

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn has vitamin B1, vitamin B5, vitamin C, folate, phosphorus, dietary fiber, and manganese. It has a full array of other nutrients such as sugar, carbohydrates, soluble and insoluble fiber, vitamins, minerals, sodium, amino acids and more.

Red Dry Chilli

There are more than 300 varieties of chilies of which more than 100 are indigenous to Mexico. They vary in length from 5mm to over 300mm, some are long and narrow, and others plump and globular and they vary in heat from mildly warm to mouth-blisteringly hot.


Tamarind is a sticky, sweet-sour fruit that grows in long, bean-like pods.The fruit is mixed with sugar and dried in strips to make candy, or rendered into paste. Tamarind paste is a staple of Indian, Thai and Vietnamese cooking. It is used in many barbecue sauces.


Indian Turmeric, which is also popularly known as “Indian Saffron”, because of its Bright Yellow Color, is considered the Best in the World. There are different Quality Grades of Whole Turmeric which are available in India depending upon the part of India where they are grown.


We are Supplying Big Cardamom to all over the World with Wide Range of Quality Grades. Big Cardamom is One of the main cash crops Cultivated in Sikkim and the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, with annual Production of over 4,000 Metric Tons from a total Cultivation area of about 17,000 Hectares.


Known to be one of the Exporter of chickpeas, the chickpea exporter in India is exporting more and more chickpeas each year. There are broadly two varieties of chickpeas known as “Kabuli” and “Desi”. Chickpea export from India includes both these varieties and many more. The Indian chickpea exporter export premium quality chickpeas from India.

Black Gram

Black Gram also called Black lentil, is one of the most widely consumed lentils in India. The lentils are round and black in colour and are slightly elongated with a sticky texture and bland flavour. The Black Gram exporter in India exports tonnes of Black Gram to various countries in the world.


We are the rice exporters from India, exporting different variants of rice to USA and Canada. With the finest qualities in the form of Brown, Raw, Steam, Sella & Parboiled rice, we are transporting rich taste of India. Our rice speaks volumes in terms of purity, aromatic flavor, and delectable taste.


Barley is the mild nutty flavored grain that is covered with bran and an outer shell. There are typically two varieties of barley available – hulled barley and pearl barley. While the hulled barley is more nutritious with just its outer shell removed and bran intact, pearl barley has got both hull and bran removed and hence, is less nutritious comparatively. However, it still has many valuable nutrients required for one’s good health.