Cereals and Pulses


Known to be one of the Exporter of chickpeas, the chickpea exporter in India is exporting more and more chickpeas each year. There are broadly two varieties of chickpeas known as "Kabuli" and "Desi". Chickpea export from India includes both these varieties and many more. The Indian chickpea exporter export premium quality chickpeas from India.


Soya bean import from India includes various varieties of Soybean including Ahilya-1, Alankar, Ahilya-3, and such others. Soybean exporter in India exports many of these soybean varieties to numerous countries in the world.

Red Lentils

The global demand for red lentil has been rapidly increasing. The Red lentil bids climbed to 22.5 cents per pound at the start of 2020, up from 20 cents a month ago. The Red Lentil exporter in India has been exporting increasing amounts of red lentil each year.

Kidney beans

The kidney beans are a variety of the common beans that are dried and are generally available throughout the year. They are reddish-brown in color and are shaped like a kidney. They have a unique taste and are used in both hot and cold recipes. Therefore, kidney beans exporter in India, export kidney beans to numerous countries in the world.

Pigeon Pea/Toor Dal

Pigeon pea is one of the most popular tropical and subtropical legumes. It is fast-growing and also known to be drought resistant. The pigeon pea exporter in India exports tonnes of pigeon pea each year. Pigeon peas are used to many cuisines across the world including India and Indonesia. Thus the pigeon pea export from India has been on the rise

Black Gram

Black Gram also called Black lentil, is one of the most widely consumed lentils in India. The lentils are round and black in colour and are slightly elongated with a sticky texture and bland flavour. The Black Gram exporter in India exports tonnes of Black Gram to various countries in the world.


Barley is the mild nutty flavored grain that is covered with bran and an outer shell. There are typically two varieties of barley available – hulled barley and pearl barley. While the hulled barley is more nutritious with just its outer shell removed and bran intact, pearl barley has got both hull and bran removed and hence, is less nutritious comparatively. However, it still has many valuable nutrients required for one’s good health.

Wheat Grain

Wheat is the most consumed and widely cultivated cereal grain across the world. It’s wide culinary applications and several health benefits make it the favorite of all. Whole wheat grains are low in fat, high in fiber and carbohydrates and are also good source of essential nutrients required for body like B vitamins, vitamin E, phytochemicals and various other minerals.


We are the rice exporters from India, exporting different variants of rice to USA and Canada. With the finest qualities in the form of Brown, Raw, Steam, Sella & Parboiled rice, we are transporting rich taste of India. Our rice speaks volumes in terms of purity, aromatic flavor, and delectable taste.