AAAENSA GLOBAL LLP is one of the Leading Exporter of Fresh fruits and Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Cereals and Pulses and Spices.We are the reputed Exporter of Agri Products located in Farmers Area of Pune Maharashtra We majorly deal in Fresh vegetables, Fresh Leafy Vegetables, Fresh Root Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Frozen vegetables, Cereals and Pulses and Indian Spices
Why from AAAENSA

Fresh Products

Our dedication to quality ensures that our fruits are picked fresh, shipped fresh, and ready to eat fresh, always.

Natural Products

AAAENSA carries only the real thing - Natural Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and we are dedicated to offering non-GMO products to our buyers.

Delivery on Time

We delivery our Goods to the Customer As per Given Schedule, After all Time is everything for us.

Quality Products

We have the highest quality standards which all our produce must meet in order to be fit for your table.


premium supplier of fresh quality products like whole pomegranate fruits & pomegranate arils to the domestic and overseas market.


Papaya is a popular fruit famous for its high nutritive and medicinal values.It supplies appreciable amounts of minerals,consisting mainly of iron, calcium and phosphorous and also a little protein.


Our fresh and juicy mango will win your heart with its delicious taste that you find rare in other brands.​


Our Fresh Lettuce is grown in organic farms, and thus, is free from traces of fertilizers.


We are engaged in offering pure quality Spinach (Spinacia oleracea), an edible flowering plant in the family of Amaranthaceae.


We supply Fresh Cabbage, which is naturally grown and has an ideal size of 12-15 inches.

Fresh Lemons

Our Fresh Lemon is used by the widely spread international clients, owing to its juicy flavor and various other distinctive features

Fresh Tomato

The Fresh Tomato, offered by the company, is used in almost every cuisine like in Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc.

Fresh Green Chili

The best green chilly in India comes from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh and we can get you the most admired and fresh range of green chillies directly from Guntur for your needs.

Frozen Green Peas

We offer a comprehensive range of Fresh and Frozen Green Peas, which are mainly cultivated during winters to early-summers.

Frozen Sweet Corn

Sweet corn has vitamin B1, vitamin B5, vitamin C, folate, phosphorus, dietary fiber, and manganese.

Frozen Broccoli

Our Frozen Broccoli is processed through spray drying technology at low temperatures and has long shelf life


We export red onions in a variety of sizes. These onions are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.


We procure potatoes from well-known agriculturists and farmers with the natural bright yellow color, smooth thin skin.


Ginger is known for its healing properties. It facilitates digestion. It clears a sore throat and nose congestion.


From curing ulcers and preventing heart diseases to being a common ingredient in dishes, Turmeric is one of nature’s most special gifts.

Red Dry Chili

Due to various culinary uses of Chilli pepper, the popularity of this spice is growing.


innamon is a dried bark of various laurel trees in the Cinnamon family. The "True Cinnamon" is the dried inner stem bark of Cinnamon Verum.


the finest qualities in the form of Brown, Raw, Steam, Sella & Parboiled rice, we are transporting rich taste of India.


Chickpeas have high protein and fiber content. Chickpeas appear in Creamish -Yellow, Black, Green & Brownish Red Colors.


The soybeans we offer are extensively used in the kitchens of various houses, hotels & restaurants and canteens for making variety of cuisines.

What we are

AAAENSA GLOBAL LLP is Leading Exporter of Agri Products, with Having Great experience in Sourcing of Material to Deliver the Right Products to the Buyers, While Having a Overseas Offices AAAENSA is more reliable in Market,while we Deal in more than 70+ Products, We are able to find the Buyers Requirement what buyers Really Needs, As we Don’t Compromise in Quality, Rates are Competitive and Delivery on Time, We also Offers Packaging according to Buyers Requirement.Our Main Market For Gulf are Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman.for ASEA its Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia.for Europe- UK, Netherlands, Germany.and also we covers Canada and Russia this are the Markets we Covering Currently

Our Aim is to serve Best Quality of Products to Customers

Memberships and Associations

Agricultural & processed food products export development authority

Federation of Indian Exporter Organisation

Spices Board of India

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

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